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Originally Posted by Ico View Post
Brace yourself. Couch warriors here at TT are way more qualified about this subject than silly Boris Becker. Vamos.
No, they're not more qualified but being a great tennis player doesn't make one an absolute authority in all things regarding tennis, I've seen tennis greats make some downright idiotic statements at times, change their opinion almost weekly (think McEnroe) and suck terribly at predicting an outcome of the match (say Wilander and Gilbert).

Look at this example, Becker basically says Nadal would have sucked (would not have survived) in the so called "serve and volley" era yet McEnroe (an even greater player!) says Nadal has the best volley on tour? So which one of this qualified experts is right on the topic?

Furthemore I personally wouldn't call even the 80's the era "of serve and volley", arguably the best player of that era is Lendl and while his all-court abilities/talent is underrated he was definitely not a serve and volleyer, let alone the 90's where you had 2 slams in which baseline play had the edge over serve and volley (AO and FO), the 3d where both playing styles were equally viable (USO) with Wimbledon being the sole bastion of serve and volley tennis.
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