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Originally Posted by Dave M View Post
Do you CFC fans think Torres has gotten a lot worse since his move or was he in decline (with hindsight) at Liverpool before he moved? He seems to lack confidence (understandable) but looks quite average on the ball.Movement off of it seems ok from what i've seen on tele or is ti just that Hazard etc have decided it's better not to pass to him?
If i'm honest, i've never really thought he was as good as people made him out to be. No doubt he has got worse (the last year at Liverpool was when it started I think), but he was never as good as Villa or Drogba, whilst many people thought he was as good, or even better.

Originally Posted by Dave M View Post
Had not realised you'd managed to amass a pile up already, I can't help having images of Frank jnr scoring 3 against us then leaving happily for LA though.
Haha, wouldn't mind that happening

The fixture pile up is fine, it happens every year and is a sign you're successful I think. It's an issue because we are so short in parts of the squad, 3 midfielders to last an entire season? Torres to play 70 odd games and get a goal every other game? Yeah, it was never going to happen.
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