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Originally Posted by Ross K View Post
RE Spurs/Gooners earlier, I believe the phrase is: 'Deja vu'... yep, we've been here before recently, haven't we? ... someone pass me the bottle of single malt rather quickly, if you don't mind.
I was at the Emirates yesterday. I have never seen a game that turned so completely on a sending off. Tottenham were in complete control and comfortably ahead, and they looked likely to score again. Arsenal had nothing to show. Then Ad****or was sent off and everything changed. With Defoe alone up front for Spurs Arsenal were able to crowd the midfield and overwhelm Huddlestone and the others. Then Arsenal got on top of the Spurs full backs and it was all over. The first Arsenal goal was a beautiful header.

Tottenham probably have better players. Loris is a very good keeper, Ad****or still looks likely to score goals and Bale is very good indeed. His goal was stunning. It isn't that he is very quick in a straight line - Lennon and Walcott are both quicker. But his control of the ball at high speed is amazing. For his goal he ran past the Arsenal defence easily but going sideways. Such was his control though that the ball might as well have been stationary for the shot. His balance is also terrific. He was by far the best payer on the pitch. Huddlestone is a strange player. He gets into the right places and reads the game well but doesn't do enough once he has the ball. Some of his free kicks and corners were very weak, though neither team did much with the dead ball.

In the end Arsenal just played well as a unit. They were up for the game -- once Ad****or had gone -- and nothing was going to stop them. They are the opposite of Tottenham who seemed to lack resilience yesterday.

Lennon, Oxlade-Chamberlain and Walcott all looked to be struggling. Walcott played well at times and got in behind the Spurs full backs very effectively. But even so he looked strangely lacking in the ability to impose himself in the game. The other two looked lost.
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