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Originally Posted by BigServer1 View Post
Well that sucks. If we beat OSU we will go to a BCS game, so that's something.
My wife goes and delivers our 3rd child last weekend, another strapping nearly 9 # future Hokie tight end, removing me from proper college football viewing for 2 weekends and THIS happens!

In all seriousness....damn, Big! I was pulling for the Ducks (and the Pac 12 in general) to break the SEC stranglehold. Oregon seemed sedated but Stanford's D was solid.

Didn't even get a chance to watch any of the K State game but was equally shocked.

Bama/Georgia are thrilled. One of them (likely Bama) gets to punk Notre Dame for the BCS title. God must be a Southerner/SEC administrator/Pac 12 ref or something.
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