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Originally Posted by neverstopplaying View Post
It was my favorite hybrid in most of the racquets that I've used over the last year or so: (TF 325VO2, 400T, BC20, P1).

My criteria were:
consistent performance over string life (I hate many polys on this point)
I can adjust for spin and power.

It is neither very stiff non spongy, somewhere in the middle.
Power is also somewhere in the middle.
It's not stiff, but you know its a poly, and the feedback is good.
In several situations the Beast wore through before the gut.

However due to another thread I tried out gut/4G in my current P1 and it beats Beast in the touch department, and equals Beast. It's my new "go-to".
Thank you very much for this post.

Neverstopplaying if I may... I'd like to ask:
1. How many hours did you get out of that hybrid?
2. What tension did you use?
3. Which gut did you use (and what gauge)?

I want to use either Tonic+Ballfeel (<1.35mm) or VS Touch 1.35mm... I'm willing to pay extra since VS has a more consistent gauge.

Thanks in advance!
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