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Thanks for everybody's input. Looking at the weekend in January - The Phoenician, the Montelucia, and the Hyatt Gainey Ranch are all approximately the same price and are in the running. Other suggestions for some reason are more expensive and out of the running. Looks like Montelucia does not have tennis, but not a big deal if other options nearby. The Phoenician sounds incredible, but options (spa, tennis, restaurants may be pricy) and the Hyatt looks great, but may be kinda generic.

What we are doing is a 4 day weekend, 1/2 of which will be at Mayo Hospital in Phoenix for a conference. Tennis will be secondary = perhaps hit once or twice with a pro - a clinic would be nice. Wife coming too, and would likely study by the pool (is it too cold in January to do so?), shopping, etc. Would like to hike up Camelback one morning....
Thanks again!
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