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^^ Relax, people. I was being facetious about losing sleep over the solar magnetic field reversal. It has happened 5 times in my lifetime already -- the ill effects have been moderate, but tolerable, thus far. However, I have noticed that surviving 5+ of these solar magnetic pole reversals has aged me considerably.

I fully agree that it is an absurd notion that the solar pole reversal will result in a similar reversal for the Earth's magnetic field. The Earth's field has been diminishing slightly for a while now but there is no evidence that the field will reverse any time soon.

I have heard before that pole reversals on the Earth have not coincided with any mass extinctions -- this is old news. It does puzzle me however. It would seem to me that, in order for the poles to reverse, the field would have to go to zero at some point -- no net magnetic field -- for some period of time. If that notion is correct, the lack of a magnetic field should have some negative impact on living organisms since the field is protecting us (from cosmic rays and other nasties, if I recall correctly).

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