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Originally Posted by ollinger View Post
^^ Ummm, you may have heard that enzymes are polypeptides (proteins), so that if you swallow them they are simply digested in your stomach into individual amino acids and are not distributed in your body as intact enzymes. Thus a swallowed enzyme cannot possibly have effects elsewhere in your body, such as on muscles or tendons.
you are right...sort of, but shows how a little understanding misleads.
First, they are coated to allow for body's functions. One coating is taken on
an empty stomach, followed by a 8oz of water to dilute and wash on thru to
deeper into the system. Another coating makes the empty stomach not as important.

All the theory in the world is fine, but when it comes to real world application,
I've had amazing results with many inflammation injuries like TE. At least 10
players helped within days and none not helped, along with several other of
these type injuries. One player kept complaining about his TE for months and
went to the doc as help. I told him not to complain to me anymore
because I had told him how to fix it. He relented, gave in, and tried it. He was
better in 2 days and well in 4; totally amazed after months of pain.
I am sure nothing is Fail Proof, but results with this have always impressed me.
Just sharing a good product. I don't sell or have any stock/interest other
than giving the best tip I have found.
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