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Originally Posted by Gonzalito17 View Post
Whoa. Didn't expect this many responses,so can't address each point individually, sorry for that. He's a basic decent player, not a very good mover though. So when he challenged me to play this match I wanted to kill him. I felt the right tactic was to just play smart defense, which I can do very well, only go for my shots when up 30-love or 40-15. I played to kill him, knowing my movement and consistency would do the trick. Actually not a pusher, I can play and win USTA tournaments, can beat nationally ranked players. But when I play B or C level players I use my B or C game, why bother using your A game with a weak player? When he called me a pusher I took it as an insult and responded in kind. WHy take any disrespect from a C level dog? The deal is to respect everyone but not to endure any BS from anyone. Ever. At least that's my method.
I kind of agree with you but why drop down to his level and trade insults? You've got to have thicker skin than that. Just my opinion...
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