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Originally Posted by esgee48 View Post
Say 1st serve is long, but is returned without a call. I will play it and if the returner then says 'it was out', it's time for a warning because the return interrupts the service. I am no longer in position to serve a second because I am chasing down his return and have or am preparing to return the ball. If he halts play, I would warn him. Next time, it's a hindrance because he is saying something as you prepare to hit the ball. You really have to tell idiots like this what you plan to do so they understand that returning long serves are not needed. They should (1) let it go or (2) block it into the net.
Mmmm, I'm not sure about a lot of this.

If a fast first serve is just barely out, the receiver may well have to start his
swing and return the ball. Yes, she should say "Out," but she may not say it loudly enough or clearly enough, especially if she is a grunter.

If she returns the ball and then clarifies that it was out before you have hit the ball and while the ball is traveling toward you, I do not think you are within your rights to call a hindrance. The reason is that there is no live ball being played. She is calling it out, so you cannot be hindered in playing a ball that is not a live ball to play.

Now, if it is an obviously out fault, I think you are within your rights to object to someone who constantly hits obviously out faults over the net. If you are taking the position that someone who returns a 100 mph serve that is out by two inches is returning an obvious fault, I can't agree with you.
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