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Originally Posted by charliefedererer View Post
How did Borg not win a US Open when it was played on clay? (Har-Tru)? [Couldn't resist this.]
Connors was still on top of Borg and Connors won the USO in 76 on clay. Borg would have won in '77 but he had a shoulder injury and was serving about 50% speed and could not hit an overhead. I think Dick Stockton lobbed him to death in their match. Not sure if Stockton defeated Borg but he wore Borg's shoulder out and that was the tournament for Borg. In '78, they went back to hardcourt at Flushing.

Connors has the record that will never be broken. He won USO on 3 different surfaces: '74 grass, '76 clay, and '78 (and a few other years) on hardcourt.
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