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Originally Posted by LeeD View Post
There is NO chance, realistic or dreaming, of TomT becoming a middling 4.5 player in singles. Heck, I move twice as fast, hit three times harder, and there is very little chance.
Consider. We are over 63 years old. We have no legs. That alone precludes any chance of 4.5.
A very good 67 year old, one who plays the NationalChamp65 twice a year almost even, says that there is no chance a guy his age can ever compete in 4.5, just because his endurance after a set and a half is not there.
You will cite plenty of marathone runners aged over 60. They run slow, too slow to play tennis. A tennis ball waits for no man, regardless of age or repute.
I agree with this. I am a month shy of 56 had knee surgery 4 months ago and a chronically inflamed left ankle, I can no longer compete with guys 25 years younger at 4.5 singles. I might could if I had a huge serve but my style is to do everything moderately well and not have a weakness. I do attack the net a fair bit and I can hit aggressively off the ground but the point is I don't have a shot to blow people off the court. Without a big weapon, it is very difficult to make up for a lack of movement in singles.

But, in a 55 and over 4.5 tourney; I could be competitive in singles and doubles.
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