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Originally Posted by tricky View Post
Yeah, we'll have to disagree on that. The first time I heard "Velvet Underground & Nico", it was shocking to hear 11 songs that could plausibly have grandfathered 11 different genres of college/indie rock. Half of the songs on that album alone are classics to me. They're just not radio staples.
What are these half dozen classic songs? I have the VU on my ipod, and there's really only a few songs I enjoy hearing on a a regular basis. I skip the rest.

Originally Posted by tricky View Post

As you know, there was an artistic back exchange between Brian Wilson and Macca/Lennon. Rubber Soul inspired Brian to make a "total album." McCartney listened to Pet Sounds and changed how he used his bass playing to carry a song. Brian inspired Paul to go further in "pop symphony" direction. Borrowing music hall elements yet still playing by the pop playbook.
But who 'needed' who more? The Beatles were going to do innovative things with or without Brian Wilson and the Beach Boys. Not so sure the opposite is true.

Originally Posted by BauerAlmeida View Post
Another One Bites The Dust is not even a Top 30 Queen song.

If you're going to judge a band, do it based on their best stuff, not by a mediocre 3 chord song. 90% of songs written by Mercury or May are better than that one. Deacon was never a great songwriter, although he did write some nice songs (Spread Your Wings, or Best Friend).

And what's wrong with Kansas?? They're a fantastic band.
If Kansas has another song besides the acceptable but not exceptional "Carry on my wayward son", I'm not aware of it.

As for Queen, I'm sorry, but it's not our fault that their most popular songs are the only ones known to mankind. Furthermore, in my cursory investigation into their other songs, I've found only one I could bear listening to so far. So many of them seem to have a distinctly "Another one bites the dust" feel to them.

I've said it before and I'll say it again. Freddie Mercury had an Elvis problem: phenomenal singer, but few wonderful songs.
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