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Default tennis post prostate removal?

I was curious if any of the older posters here have gone through the removal of their prostate and still play tennis without issue. Shockingly, last 2 weeks ago I was diagnosed with prostate cancer and now face the daunting procedure of having my prostate removed. I am 51, extremely fit, eat a Gluten free dairy free diet, don't drink or smoke and workout 4-7 times per week. My whole adult life has been about good will, fitness and family. I work hard, play hard and try to look at things with a glass 1/2 full attitude. I have been to 3 docs and the prognosis is the same from all of them. Chemo and radiation is off the table because I don't want bladder issues down the road. Prostate removal, when done at a younger age has a 99% success rate and I am being told that within 8 weeks I will be back to a full work and exercise schedule. I am looking at probably early january for the procedure to take place. If anyone could share their experiences, I would greatly appreciate it. Tennis & skiing are my 2 passions in life outside of my family and my work, and I would hate to have to give them up. One other thing, guys, get your annual Physicals!!!. Last year I had no signs, symptoms or low PSA number and a clean bill of health.
Thanks in advance
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