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Originally Posted by helloworld View Post
Tennis players are products from their own respective era. With that said, great champions will be great in any era, so Nadal and Djokovic playing in the 80s would have a totally different game from what they are playing now.
This is the one thing people either don't get or don't want to get.

Players are products of their era. Even Federer, who was playing S&V in his first major WB outings, has cut it out for the most part and stuck to baseline rallies. Edberg, THE S&V er, said that if he played in today's era he would mostly stay back.

Both Nadal and Djokovic said that they really wanted to win WB. In this era, they had it easier with the bigger ball bouce so that they didn't have to make major changes in their baseline game but if they were born earlier on they would've probably adopted a different style to try and win on most surfaces(or at least for the big titles).

Obviously, no matter what era you're in, you're gonna lean one way or another but I don't know why people automatically assume that today's defensive players would've automatically been so in the past as well. Nadal was very offensive in his early teens(with a Gonzalez like forehand at times), Djokovic was much more aggressive circa 2008, Murray has his moments of offensive brilliance. It's just that 7-8 years ago, most tourneys started following WB's example and slowed down their courts so most players starting taking note and dialed down their offense.

I mean, even Federer is less agressive than he used to be in his peak and it's no coincidence that all top 5 guys are tremendous defenders(yes, even Federer).

What Becker said is very relative. I could just as easily say that the big S&V'er Becker would be eaten alive in today's tennis but that wouldn't be fair nor true.
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