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Question dirt vs sand

Originally Posted by LeeD View Post
Personally, I hate riding on dusty tracks. That get's into everything.
Sand, real beach sand, you only clean the chain and sprockets, air cleaner, and hose off the bike.
I very much doubt they have that many tracks in NorCal.....or SoCal nowadaze. For sure, they closed off at least 10 tracks in the year's '83-90 up here. And no new ones opened.
Yeah, the list I was looking at listed tracks that r closed on that list. Not sure how many of those listed tracks r closed since I only clicked on a few. I saw that carlsbad was closed since 2004. so is beach sand better than desert sand? I heard their is a different style to riding in sand compared to dirt and mud. I don't want to deal with cactus and snakes.If u ride beach don't u have to deal with the salt air and water which will rust anything.
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