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Thank you very much - Djokovic and Nadal do what they have to do to win, same goes for Sampras, Becker et all in the 80's/90's.

If Nadal/Nole and Sampras/Becker were to swap era, I think Nadal/Nole would fare better chance. There were great baseliners during the serve/volley era. Agassi, Courier and especially Lendl were incredibly successful. So I think Nadal/Nole being a baseliner would still be formidable. However, Sampras/Becker would suffer if they stick to be an attacking player in this era, because serve and volley today wouldn't get you any further than just a journeyman. Basically, it's not a must for Nadal/Nole to convert into an attacking player in the 80s or 90s, but for an attacking player like Sampras/Becker they must fine tuned their game to be a great baseliner in order to be a grand slam champion.
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