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Originally Posted by ollinger View Post
It sounds sillier to me each time you try to explain it. The smallest known enzyme has 62 amino acids. The GI tract has mechanisms for absorbing chains of generally 2 or 3 amino acids. None of these facts is altered by coating anything or flushing it with water (the latter usually DECREASING absorption of most things).
Just think how silly it sounds for you to explain away how something that does work,,
can't, lol. I was introduced to this product by my doctor, who had excellent
results with his patients and I have over 5yrs of experience using and sharing.
You remind me of guys who think they are experts on how the aircraft works,
and try explain why it won't do certain things....things that it WILL DO.
Really they are just explaining the limits to THEIR understanding of the systems.
You are right, I can't explain it in detail, just know for a fact that in many cases
it will work.
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