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Originally Posted by ollinger View Post
(p.s. -- this is at least the third thread -- healing injuries thread, ibuprofen thread, BP thread -- where you mention this Vitalzym garbage. It is nonsense. If peptides could be swallowed and remain intact, diabetics could merely swallow their insulin instead of having to inject it. I suspect snake oil would be more useful than what you're hawking here.
Not hawking anything...just sharing good tip and results. Easy to spot Garbage
when someone says something, "can't possibly happen" bla bla.
We don't know that much on the body yet...sorry : )

I'll give another personal example.
I caught my ring and degloved my finger, breaking it and it was only attached
by a thin strip of skin. Went to ER and it was successfully repaired, but with
lots of nerve damage. Fast forward over 5 yrs later and
it was still swollen to the extent people would notice and ask about it.
It had several numb areas. I figured that was the best it would be and feared it might
turn worse with age. That was when my doc recommended the Vitalzym for
another injury I had that had been slow to heal on my other hand.

I had strained a ligament on my rt hand swinging the racket with traditional strokes.
Each time it seemed better with rest, only to return as soon as I played
again. Doc said give the Vitalzym a try since he had seen good results with it.
Within a few days the rt hand felt great and at only 5 days rest I gave it a try
on court again with no problems. That hand continues to be problem free, but
I never even considered any effect related to the degloved finger injury from
5 yrs before till a week into taking the enzymes. That finger started to itch..alot.
I knew that itch felt familiar in some odd way, but couldn't place it right off.
About a day later I did remember it was that healing itch I used to feel as a
much younger boy, back when my body healed so fast.

I was thinking,,,why is that swollen finger itching like that? I was even concerned
it could be a bad turn for it. Then I began to notice some feeling in the numb areas,
and the swelling seemed less. Within about 2 weeks, the swelling was basically
unnoticeable and feeling had begun to return to all areas of the finger and range of
motion returned. So 2 serious 5+ yr old injuries healed up within a
couple of weeks of starting the enzymes. Very glad I didn't know they couldn't
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