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Originally Posted by rkelley View Post
There are some good things in your bh. You're getting your shoulders turned and you're stepping into the ball. This is good, but overall it's missing some key things.

The biggest thing I noticed was that your hitting structure (the angles and relative position of your arm, racquet, and body) is incorrect at contact. Specifically, your arm and racquet form almost a line. You're grip appears to have your index knuckle on bevel 8, and it seems like you're flexing your wrist to accelerate the racquet into the ball. What you want is for your arm and racquet to form a right angle at contact, not a line. You want your wrist to supinate to accelerate the racquet into and across the back of the ball.

On foot work and general position, on many shots you back up right before you hit in order to take the ball as it's falling. This is a really bad habit to get into. Generally, as much as you can you want to stand your ground or move into the ball, not back up to take the ball in a preferred place. As you're learning a shot I can understand why you don't want to take balls on the rise, but for now just set-up a little further back so you can always be moving into the ball.

Here are two really good videos on ts 1hbh. I'd really advise thinking in terms of starting over. As I said you have some good aspects to your bh, but it has some serious flaws. You'd be better off just starting from scratch and learn the proper motion. While you're at it, I'd go with a bit more conservative grip. Index knuckle bevel 1. It will help promote the correct hitting structure as you rebuild.

Good luck.



And if you're interested in the slice bh, here's good video.
I have played many years so starting over is not easy because the years bad habit.
My grip is between 1 and 8 and I am short.

I feel the angle of raq and my arm is roughly 90 degree but I have to look the image at contact point.
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