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Originally Posted by Automatix View Post
Thank you very much for this post.

Neverstopplaying if I may... I'd like to ask:
1. How many hours did you get out of that hybrid?
2. What tension did you use?
3. Which gut did you use (and what gauge)?

I want to use either Tonic+Ballfeel (<1.35mm) or VS Touch 1.35mm... I'm willing to pay extra since VS has a more consistent gauge.

Thanks in advance!
I get about 20 hours of reasonably hard hitting (4.5).
When I play on outdoor clay, gut mains @55, XP crosses @51. I bring up the tension on indoor courts in the winter months to 59/54.
I use mostly VS Team (1.25).
Current & recent affairs: ai98, Extreme Pro 2.0, Steam 99s, PK QT 295, Dunlop 3.0T & Bio 400T
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