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Originally Posted by Kevin T View Post
My wife goes and delivers our 3rd child last weekend, another strapping nearly 9 # future Hokie tight end, removing me from proper college football viewing for 2 weekends and THIS happens!

In all seriousness....damn, Big! I was pulling for the Ducks (and the Pac 12 in general) to break the SEC stranglehold. Oregon seemed sedated but Stanford's D was solid.

Didn't even get a chance to watch any of the K State game but was equally shocked.

Bama/Georgia are thrilled. One of them (likely Bama) gets to punk Notre Dame for the BCS title. God must be a Southerner/SEC administrator/Pac 12 ref or something.
Congrats on the little one Kevin! You're two away from a full defensive line!

We just got beat. It was a tough game, I feel like it was VERY poorly called offensively. We did some things that worked and then totally went away from those and went at their strengths. Very un Chip Kelly like.

A lot of my Oregon friends are heart broken...I don't really know why. My Freshman year we won 6 games. The program has come such a long way that the idea of an 11-1 Finish and Fiesta bowl spot looks pretty good to me.
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