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Originally Posted by njboy View Post
I have played many years so starting over is not easy because the years bad habit.
My grip is between 1 and 8 and I am short.

I feel the angle of raq and my arm is roughly 90 degree but I have to look the image at contact point.
Look at the video. Your arm and racquet are basically in line at contact. Your form is very consistent.

I understand that starting over isn't easy. I rebuilt my fh from a traditional, flatish old school fh (decent shot) to a modern fh. It took time and practice. But if you care enough to post a video, then you obviously care. Perhaps saying that you need to start over is overstating it a bit, but there are significant flaws in your basic form that will prevent you from getting to a high level bh. That's too bad because there are a lot of good things about how your hitting as well.

But that basic problem of the hitting structure is not a tweak, it's a pretty major fix. There are other issues as well. Watch the videos in the link. That guy knows what he's talking about regarding a 1hbh.
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