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Originally Posted by 10ismom View Post
Notes from the 1st USTA Town Hall Meeting 11/17/12

from Parentingaces blog
Hope "fitmom" would not mind sharing.

The following information was emailed to me by a parent who was in attendance at the Reston, VA, “listening” meeting held by USTA. I am reprinting it exactly as it was sent to me. Please read and share with other tennis parents and coaches so our voices will be heard. Thank you.
Thanks for posting this, great info. I have been parsing this primarily looking for areas of compromise and nothing jumps out. A couple comments from Scott Schultz(for example recognizes the college scholarship problem "this issue is incredibly upsetting and we have to do something") seem positive but no surprises from Lew "Ill send the a T-Shirt" Brewer, man is stubborn as mule. Typical LB quotes : "We could debate this issue all day and would still disagree." ; "the tournament structure is there: if it works for you use it, if not, don’t".

I dont know if they figured this out yet, but Lew's not the listening type. If it's him they send out on a listening tour, this effort is doomed.
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