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There's a hitch in your swing. you stop the racquet moving at the end of the backswing and then lower it before starting the forward swing. This is the same as just having a low takeback.

You're not rotating your torso enough. back has to face net more.
Not bending your knees enough.
Position of raquet just before forward swing is not correct. You have the head of the racquet pointing to the back fence. Should be pointing to right side fence.

Stance should be more closed. Not neutral.
Takeback is too stiff and forced. have to relax.
contact point is not far enough out in front.
Left arm should be used for balance at the end of swing by moving in opposite direction. Not dangling around in front of your body.
sometimes the hand is too far above the ball at contact which is why you have that high follow through. Should be more at the same level as the ball at contact. This is making your swing path 'incorrect'. and not enough drive through the ball. The way you contact makes it so you will have a hard time imparting ulnar deviation on the ball and impossible to hit an i/o bh and also you won't be able to have a variety of spins. It will be difficult to hit a flat drive and then a looping cc bh.
You are leaning back at contact.
you are swinging only with the arm instead of using legs/torso/shoulders to swing the racquet.

everything else looks good.
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