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As you may recall from my other posts, I recently bought the same racquet. I had mine strung with RPM Blast 18--48 mains 46 cr. Initially weighed 10.9 oz. Just out of curiosity, did you get an initial weight on yours?

FYI---I have experimented around with weight and balance, and so far have loaded up the inside of the grip with 0.5 oz sticky putty, and the outside with 0.2 oz lead tape around the buttcap--polarized setup. I counterbalanced at 10 and 2 to maintain the original balance. Right at 11.9 to 12.0 oz. Its a nice steady easy to swing stick, no flutter on hard returns, no pain. Good controllable power, good but not monster spin--excellent flat hard slice. I've got about 25 hrs of play on it so far.

I would like to hear your opinion on yours and what if anything you do to it.
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