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First dry day since the racket arrived on Friday9AM. I ordered it at 4PM, Wed.
Pretty much better than I expected, so I'm stoked.
Power, slightly more than my Aero500's, more than my Mfil and Aero200's, very similar to LMRadMid. Much bigger sweetspot to counter deep balls and heavy spin.
I ordered a 4 5/8th for doubles, and immediately put on an overgrip to make it more stable in volleying. Groundies have as much or more power than the 3 racket's above.
Spin serves are heavier, so I need to adjust my net clearance higher.
Flat first serves are more powerful than all 3 above, but close to LMRads.
Returns of serve are most strange. Maybe it's the honeymoon period talking, but I seem to be able to hit extremely hard topspin returns of serve AND slice lob DTL deep in IN. A strange combination, but I'll take it if it's repeatable.
Volleys are consistent and heavy, more consistent than 200's, stronger than 500's. Quickness seems all there, but shortness of racket seems prevelent in lots of shots. I really need to hold waay down at the buttcap to avoid hitting too high.
Swing speed seems equal to the Aero500's, faster than Mfil200's, and equal to LMRadMid. But the softness of impact is really nice on the arm and seems easy to control.
They say it's a 107, but it swings easier than Aero200's for my weak thin stature.
So far, only one shot hit hard between my legs (opponent's high volley) finds the OS sizing a liability. Racket got caught in my long pant legs.
Pretty stoked, should have ordered this instead of LMRads, 200's, and 500's.
Will order another one next week.
Stock strings are horrid for light hitting, but pretty solid when I'm hitting for real. Flat serves seem really solid, as does flat groundies.
Will try to play again tomorrow to see if the honeymoon period wears off.
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