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I am fortunate to have MW near me, they had a few demos in stock so I grabbed one. hit some serves and groundies yesterday and was pretty impressed with the racquet considering the price. very comfortable hit, pretty powerful, good control. If I was in market for a 95 sq in, standard length, spinny, powerful stick I would probably get it.

and yah, don't let 66 stiffness scare you off, this racquet is very comfortable and does have some flex. that said, to bad I am not a big fan of 95 sq in these days as I'm getting older and like a bigger sweet spot (100 sq in) or I would grab one of these.

blx pro open for me !

the bad news , I would like to see a more open string pattern. don't get me wrong, the 16x20 is okay, but they way they space the crosses so close makes its look and feel more like a closed pattern. the first cross doesn't even start until the 8th grommet from the bottom. almost 2 inches form the throat.

thats just wrong!

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