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Originally Posted by wmilas View Post
So. I've been hitting with Gut (Pacific Nat 17)/MSV CoFocus (1 for the last two years. I love it. I'm a heavy ball baseline player. Unfortunately I also turn 40 this year. As I've started playing more hours per week I've had a bout of T.E. Never head it before and let me tell you, it sucks.

I'm on the whole recovery routine. Ice, twisty exercise, meds, ect. Its to the point where its barely noticeable. Unfortunately I had to switch out of my Gut/Co to Gut/Biphase 18. My wife uses Biphase and I have a ton of it around. I keep a third stick strung With Biphase/OGSM for wet weather. I notice that my TE elbow was not as bad using the wet weather setup, so I strung a stick with gut/Biphase. Its allowed my TE to heal.

Here is the problem though. The spin is not the same as Gut/Co. I'd like to figure out which synthetic cross has the most spin. I'm guessing I'm looking for a smooth surface maybe mono filament, possible flat. Obviously it has to be soft. I break the gut in 8-12 hours so It doesn't have to last forever.

The Ashaway zx monogut looks interesting, along with the Gosen Powermaster I & II. Ashaway is monofiliment (and soft!) and the gosen is flat.

Anyone have any experience? I hope to one day get back to the poly cross but for now, I'd like to get the best that I can handle.

Oh btw, I like the the Gut/Biphase better than full gut. Full gut doesn't snap back for me at all.
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Why not try a full bed of gut? I found gut gives better spin and durability than expected. Also you could try a soft co such as black widow, do so carefully though. In addition you could try a more arm friendly racquet and try a softer co also.
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