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Default Tips for playing against lefties

I recently realized that I have a lot of trouble playing against lefties. I am just not used to playing them as I have no hitting partners that are lefties and the only times I play against lefties are sporadically in tournaments.

I am a solid 4.5 player. My best shot is the inside out FH (I can hit it with good pace and excellent short angles to create space). I move really well. BH is pretty steady both DTL and CC. Serve and net game is very average. My FH CC needs some work (it's good some days but I have days where I shank this shot a lot) but my DTL FH is pretty good.

The biggest issue I seem to be having when playing lefties is the fact that I tend to stand more to my BH side of the court in order to hit IO forehands even though my BH is a very steady shot. I seem to have a lot of trouble reading a lefty's shot as opposed to a righty so my shot anticipation sort of goes out of the window.

I seem to have a hard time recognizing when a lefty is hitting a forehand DTL or an inside out FH or an inside in FH. There FH DTL and inside out FH seems to put a real hurt on my game because I am not anticipating it well so half the time I find myself just watching the ball go by for a winner. Even ones that I feel I should be getting to.\

I am wondering if anyone has some suggestion/advice on what I should be doing and what I should be working on or how I can recognize and anticipate shots from left handed players better.


Edit: Let me add that my best shot inside out FH goes right into their FH which definitely hurts me if they take it DTL.
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