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Originally Posted by smoothtennis View Post
I finally found a UK youtube clip that show it, but his spring is obviously larger or tensioned ligther.

In the real world, at least on a Eagnas, that spring is a LOT tighter. I finally got the spring onto the drum last night by winding it one quarter-round at a time and holding it onto the drum with my fingernails. It finally disfigured the springs a little (stretched them open), and at least it works again. Thanks guys.
I had the same problem, it took a bit of time to get it on. The old spring was a bit larger than the new one. To make matters worse, the tip of the old spring broke off inside the hole. It would not come out, so drilled a new one, luckily had a drill press.

My machine is 15 years old and still working well. I might upgrade it to one of these.

I will purchase the drop weight assembly only since the mounting and clamps are still working well.
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