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Thanks LeeD, vil and Tennusdude for some of the tips.
I did notice that lefties usually tend to have a very consistent BH. I usually get used to their serve after a couple of games. My BH return is actually much better than my FH return because its a very compact swing as opposed to my long FH swing.

I am going to actually try the strategy of hitting deep into the middle of the court to see if that yields any results (I feel like by hitting IO FHs I keep giving them an opening to hit their FH DTL).
I also think I just need more practice against them in order to be able to read their shots better and have better anticipation.

I will also try to work on hitting my own FHs more CC with more consistency (its definitely a shot I need to work on) so that I can hit more to their BHs.

My biggest issue is definitely defending against an all-court type lefty player, which I have no problem with if they are a righty. It's really strange. I anticipate so well vs righties but vs lefties I seem to have no idea where the ball is going.
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