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Originally Posted by zapvor View Post
LOL your opinion is i made a stupid post. its double funny that you fail to see you are teh stupid one going on about grips....because it really doesnt make a difference. i am sure federer sits down and does the math on grip weight so make sure his frames are on spec.

Wow, interesting comment, I'm pretty sure Federer would find the weight of his grips so important that he actually employs a professional to do the maths on every racket matching them to an exact spec varying for every condition.

In fact whenever you see Federer he always has the same thinly wrapped overwrap over a leather presumably.

He is a professional player that does things so precisely that he even switches rackets the game before he serves just to get the feel before his service...

So to conclude I imagine he certainly does care and by us amateurs taking an interest I would say we our doing our best to have serious racket set-ups, I found this thread pretty useful on the whole and of course a good laugh thanks to your great input!
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