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Originally Posted by matchmaker View Post
The best racquet switch I've ever made was switching to a thirty year old midsize frame. At the time I had been testing a lot of midplus frames such as the Donney Pro One International, the PK Redondo Midplus, the Volkl C10 Pro, even tested the POGOS briefly. Those were all good racquets, but I still felt something was lacking in my game. My teaching pro had taught me "the modern game" when I was growing up on European clay court: high topspin balls with typical windshield wiper motion. I had a good kick serve, a great backhand (my opponents always gave me compliments about it) and a good rally forehand but it was not really a game-winning shot.

One day a friend of mine brings an old Wilson frame. For fun I started hitting with it. I was a bit puzzled as my first balls all sailed out. I thought: "Weren't these old frames supposed to be really underpowered?" I still felt though that the racquet did grip the ball and that I could get it in with some minor changes in my swingpath.

I played a match with it and oh.... my forehand was like a hammer. It was deep, heavy, penetrating. I could hit FH winners at will, something I hadn't been able to do before. And the serve... This racquet was hitting bombs.

It was a Wilson Reflex mid. Later I discovered the stats on it: 85 sq. inch., 370 gr., 355 SW, 51 flex. My serve, FH and volleys have never been so good as with this frame. Had I known it specs, I might have never tried it. I would thus really recommend people to try something out of their comfort zone, it might just work.
Great story! I'm switching from my longbody Ripstcks and Babolat Pure Drive GT to some POGs (mid and OS). Hoping they put some feel back into my game - fingers crossed!
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