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Originally Posted by A_Instead View Post

Are you using the BLX Pro Open?
Its my racquet of choice and currently using it my self.
Just wondering how it compares to the BLX Pro Tour???
Can you provide any insight?
I'm not sure what kind of game you got so I will just give you my take on both sticks.

I have a blx pro open in my bag right now, and I gotta say, as a baseline topspin basher, I like the pro open alot more because of the extra spin and power in generates. (especially serve) the (po) reminds me of the apd and I'm sure thats the racquet wilson had in mind when they designed it.

the blx pro tour feels more flexible, less powerful, and less spinny and has a more closed pattern that offers some pretty good directional control. (especially volleys) but I just couldn't get the spin I wanted with this stick off the ground. I think if your more of a flat ball hitter that likes to go too net, this stick will work pretty good.

both are pretty good sticks, but I got better results with my baseline topspin game with the the (po)
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