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Default Silent Partner Smart Feed Problem - Help!

My Silent Partner Smart stopped feeding balls yesterday. I will be contacting SP tomorrow (Monday) and I'm confident we'll figure it out and get it working again, but in the mean time....anyone got any thoughts or opinions?

This machine is about 6 months old, but I am the 2nd owner, so officially no warranty (SP doesn't transfer warranties even in the first year.)

While using the machine yesterday a ball got jammed under the feed carousel. I removed all the balls from the hopper and removed the carousel and the stuck ball. When I re powered the machine the carousel turned and my initial thought was that all was well. After refilling the hopper I found that the feed was still not operating correctly (no feed). I pulled the hopper off. I found the carousel works only when there is no load on it. Anytime there is a little load put on the carousel it stops turning and seems that there is some slipping inside the gearbox. Otherwise, when there isn't load on the carousel the speed of the carousel does respond changes in the feed rate on the control panel.

So my limited diagnosis is that the control panel is ok, the motor is probably ok, but that the mechanical connection between the carousel shaft and the gear has failed. This seems logical if while the ball was jammed the feed motor and gearbox continued to try and feed balls. Something had to give. Either the motor would burn up or the gearbox woulsd fail somewhere or......any of a few other possibilities....but it appears the weak link was in the gearbox. Agree?

Anyone else have problems with jammed balls..........careful now! Don't let your mind wander!!!!

Anyone else have problems with the feed failing on SP products?

My plan is to contact SP tomorrow and while I may have to pay for the parts but I'm confident they will get me the parts to fix the machine.

Thanks for your opinions and help.

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