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Originally Posted by pc1 View Post
The key word is arguably. I don't necessarily believe it but some have argued it in the past if I recall correctly. But 1952 is an arguable year. He won the US Pro Claycourt Champs, the Canadian Pro Champs, the US Pro over Gonzalez.

My point to Kiki was that Segura was not a journeyman as Kiki has written in the past. I don't necessarily believe Segura was the best in either year. The statement was to make a point.
Segura was tough on clay in the early fifties, another reason why it is doubtful that either Kramer or Gonzales could have won a calendar grand slam. Add to the great clay players of the era Drobny, Patty, and this makes it all the more difficult.
Of course in the late fifties, you get Trabert (from 1953, when he matured), Rosewall (1953 champion at RG), Hoad, Davidson, Pietrangeli, and others.
Sorry, I don't see Kramer or Gonzales winning the GS.
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