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Originally Posted by NickC View Post
I don't think that's a fair assertion - at Chelsea his biggest problem was his inability to get through to the team and to really motivate them. There was a huge discord between him and the senior players in the team and when such a thing exists your days will always be numbered. Chelsea were a winning side under him but he wasn't able to effectively communicate with the team.

At Spurs, I haven't heard of any such discord, the only big thing I've noticed about Spurs every time I've watched them under AvB is that they always seem ill-prepared. As well, he's proved that his tactics suck when he doesn't have a plethora of world-class players to call upon.

What happened to him at Chelsea and the reasons for it are completely different from what's happening to him now. With Chelsea, it was down to his lack of communication. With Spurs, he's getting found out tactically.
I thought his tactics against Arsenal were pretty good, going with 2 strikers was bold and what the Tottenham fans I know had been wanting to see. They were brilliant before the sending off.

I noticed he still crouches down on the touchline and someone commented how the players pay no attention to him on the side, which is a problem. I've no idea how his relationship is with the players, it seems to be good enough for now.
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