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Originally Posted by ollinger View Post
^^ the value of taking certain nutrients in supplement form is coming into question. An abstract I read just last week described the results of a study showing that health benefits seen from eating oily (omega 3) fish were not seen in people who took the oil in the form of supplements. A review in JAMA recently suggested that more recent well controlled fish oil studies don't show the benefit thought to be seen in earlier poorly controlled studies. I mention this because turmeric is a substance ayurvedic practitioners tell me is only useful when cooked, so its value as an uncooked supplement pill is uncertain, much like lycopene.
Those are good points. I wish I had time to read every article on nutrition, but obviously, that's not possible. I do know there are other studies on these kind of supplements that conflict what you are saying.

I always consider the source, too. As you mentioned already, and I totally agree, drug companies are driven by greed to the point that public safety is far less important than profits. The medical community is in bed with the drug companies as well. Research on supplements funded by drug companies or the medical community might as well be thrown out. It is in their best interest to discredit natural supplements so they can tell the public that medicine is the only real solution. They are also lobbying politicians to regulate supplements and give the drug companies control over them, which of course is motivated by profit. To achieve this goal, they want the public to think that supplements are dangerous or that medical expertise is necessary to make them effective.
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