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Originally Posted by BobbyOne View Post
Dan, Davidson and Pietrangeli are irrevant for the early 1950s when Kramer and Gonzalez could have made the GS.

Gonzalez was a great claycourter. He proved it with his 1959 Toronto win and with wins over Laver.
Yes, he was good on clay. But the fields in the fifties were too tough on clay for him and Kramer to win the big one at RG.
Just think. Drobny, Patty, Segura, Trabert (from 1953), Rosewall (from 1953), Hoad (from 1953, when he beat Rosewall and Bromwich at the Australian Hardcourt), Pietrangeli, all winning at RG, except Segura, who beat Gonzales on clay in the 1952 Cleveland final in five sets.
Gonzales and Kramer did not play enough on clay to compete. Gonzales lost a hth series on clay in South America against Trabert in 1956.
These are the cold, hard realities.

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