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Originally Posted by asked_answered View Post
So, since my last bad loss, I played at line 1 doubles a couple of weeks ago against the number one team in our league and played well in the first set, then had consistency issues in the second set, garnering a 5-7, 0-6 score. I also played at line 1 singles today against a moderate 3.5 player and won 7-5, 6-3, after falling behind 0-4 in the first set. (I was hitting everything long and wide, until I calmed myself down and focused.) Once those first four games were behind me, I felt like I hit the ball well and placed it well, particularly on my forehand side (at least for my mid-3.5 level).

One amusing part of the day was that the other team jokingly asked to see my birth certificate, after the match was done. (I'm in my early 40s, and my opponent was definitely a lot older.) I guess that means I moved well while I played.
That's awesome!!! Great job bud!

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