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Originally Posted by tennissavy View Post
By the way, my racquet was unplayable and I had to throw it out. Thanks to all the great posts on this board about putting silicone in handle- it cost me money, time and a lot of effort for nothing but frustration and anger.
Originally Posted by tennissavy View Post
How dare you say that to me. I have year of experience customizing racquets and I had never used silicone before. I followed the advice of more than one person on this board, to the last detail, and it ruined my racquet. I blame the bad advice on this board for it. The silicone never dried, only the outer quarter of an inch dried like the skin of a pudding. I wonder if the buttheads on this board ever tried delving into the silicone after thinking it was dry. I suspect that they assumed the entire thing was dry.
Never had a problem with silicone... sucks for you
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