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Originally Posted by Headshotterer View Post
Hit angled crosscourt shots
Attack any short balls
Use the drop shot
Use visualization.

John Wooden, the famous basketball coach would have his guys come out for practice, they'd shoot free throws, but without a ball. They were instructed to imagine a swish everytime.

After this exercise they would be given balls, and guess what? Their percentage of shots went way up. Then over time, with their emotional, mental weaknesses they'd start to miss more.

Same deal with Tennis. When someone "Hits a wall", that is they can't seem to get any better, best thing is to take a break and practice visualization, imagine making the great shots, imagine everything you want, and when you go to play you will move up a notch.

Ever take a prolonged break from Tennis? When you go back you play awesome, then those mental handups and insecurities come back and you go back to normal play. The break gave your mind and emotions time to visualize great play.

You may think it's nuts, but Wooden did it and it worked.
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