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If you're waiting on the error, you're pushing. Like it or not, the definition is correct. It's fine if that's what you were doing. Don't get offended because you decided to just push the ball back. Maybe next time you'll hit some aces on the serves and some winners on the return and be aggressive on some shots. That should keep people from complaining.

I think everyone hates to lose to some degree, but nothing's worse then knowing you beat yourself... and playing against a pusher, that's exactly what you end up doing. When you get beat by your opponent winning points on your mistakes, you tend not to have any respect for them. The truth is, no one likes to lose, but if they're going to lose, they like knowing they lost because they got beat, not because they beat themselves, regardless of the fact that consistency is their weakness. When you understand that, you'll understand why he said what he said.
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