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Originally Posted by Mick3391 View Post
Couldn't see your video, said "unavailable".

Anyways if I play relaxed I suck. I'm a nervous player, when I'm nervous I play much better, when there is something to lose.

It's like what Cus D'Mato said about fear. "Fear is like fire, it can either fuel you or burn you down".

I use fear to my advantage. When I played "King of the court" with the kids at school, I was very nervous, in my mind it was like "Lose to a kid", so I played my best. I played against Justin Bower, was scared, yet I was "Fueled", played great.

So I would say don't run from your fear, embrase it if you can. Even Fed gets nervous at this stage, sometimes he can't eat. Tyson would be afraid before he entered the ring, it's natural to be scared.
It's not about nerves. It's about smoothing out my technique and not playing so stiff. I understand what u are saying, but that's not really the point.
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