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Originally Posted by Timbo's hopeless slice View Post
from Yonex V-Core 95Ds to Volkl PB-9

I found the Yonex a cannon to serve with but just too powerful in regular play.

the Volkls are my personal holy grail, reflected by an improvement in my w/l and a 100 place rise in my national open ranking. (from crap to average)

goes to show, not many people seem to like 'em, but they work for me.
Did you customize your PB 9? Now I am switching from PB 9 to PB 10 mid. I like PB 10 mid better due to my personal preference.
pb 10 mid, BlackCode 54lb/52lb; pb10 10 mid, ZoTwist 54lb/52lb
pb 9, SPPP 17g 54lb; 9, SPPP 17g 54lb/ TNT2 56lb
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