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Originally Posted by tennissavy View Post
I wonder if the buttheads on this board ever tried delving into the silicone after thinking it was dry. I suspect that they assumed the entire thing was dry.
I love that someone screws it up and immediately claims everyone else is wrong and don't know what they are talking about, instead of just admitting "I must have screwed it up."

I've installed and removed silicon from many rackets and it's always been dry. Sometimes, if it's humid, it might take days to fully dry, but it always does. Also, when I put it in, I put the butt cap back on and dry the racket with the butt cap facing down, just in case the silicon decided to creep a little it will creep down instead of up into the frame, and just be stopped by the butt cap.

If you screwed your racket up, that sucks, but called people here names and trying to throw blame is pretty ridiculous. Just admit that you made a mistake and deal with it.

I like silicon a lot. I've been experimenting with it and the difference that it can make in the feel is remarkable. At first I had doubt and thought that it might just have a placebo effect. But then I started experimenting and was amazed at how soft and comfortable it could make a frame.

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