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Default Racquet for a big/strong 3.5 player (or "Does Size Matter?")

Hey all,

So I'm on the hunt for a new racquet this holiday season. A bit about me. I'm about 6'3 and 215, vast majority of it muscle. Odds are that I'll be able to beat the guy on the other side of the net in arm-wresting (though not tennis ). But as a tennis player, I'm a relative newbie. I basically started playing a year and a half ago. I'd say I'm about a 3.5 in most areas of the game, though my footwork and anticipation lag behind my stroke fundamentals.

(skip through the next 3 paragraphs if you're bored)

I try to hit with a heavy topspin forehand, but frequently end up hitting the ball off-center or even off the frame. My serve used to be the weakest part of my game but now is the strongest. Ideally, I'd be a serve and volley player, but my groundstrokes are inconsistent enough that I rarely have the opportunity to move to net except on good first serves.

I started off playing with a Head LM 4, then moved a few months later to a Prince O3 Hybrid Shark OS. I also get a O3 Hornet MP and a TT Warrior OS, the latter of which was my main stick for most of the past year. I just did a switch to the NXG Graphite OS, mainly because I wanted a thinner-beamed stick. I also have an EXO3 Graphite MP and a Babolat Pure Control Team. I've figured out that on serves, the NXG is my best stick, but the EXO3 Graphite seems to be my best off the ground (but worst on serve); the PCT falls in between. With all, I sometimes wonder whether I should be playing with lighter sticks given my relative inexperience. Which leads me to...

(ok, now for the important question)

Anyway, now that I'm looking for a new stick, I want to find one that I'll use for the next year or two as my game continues to develop. For someone like me - who has excellent physical strength but not much playing experience - should I be looking at the racquet specs and conventional wisdom differently than most players? Should I be less afraid to try out a heavier racquet than most? Should I look for anything different in terms of balance or swingweight? Or should I just get a bigger grip size of the same lighter racquets that most 3.5-level players use?

In short, how much (if at all) does the "conventional wisdom" about racquets and racquet specs change for physically bigger/stronger players?

Any thoughts/advice would be appreciated. Thanks!
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