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Originally Posted by monfed View Post
70% of Ralph's resume is clay based, too bad he'll only be viewed as a dirtballer who got lucky in an era of slow surfaces. Throw him in the 90s and he'd be another Muster/Brugera.

Seriously a one trick pony isn't GOAT worthy at all. He hasn't even surpassed Sampras let alone Borg.
Throw Sampras in today's slowcourt era and he would do jack s**t.

See how easy that was?

And who said anything about Nadal being GOAT, the OP was comparing their stats about the top 10.

I have to give out an obvious TROLLOLOL to you since you compare Nadal's clay prowess to Muster/Bruguera. So you're saying that, in the 90's, not only would Nadal get murdered on any non-clay court but even on clay he couldn't reach a better status than a Muster(1 RG) or Bruguera(2 RG).

I don't remember who said it first but he/she was right, we are indeed living in a weak trolling era.

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