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Originally Posted by Circa 1762 View Post
Have you found that its effectiveness depends on where in the handle you put it? For example, does adding silicone higher in the handle have a greater dampening effect than putting the same amount closer to the butt, as some have suggested (ignoring the effects on balance)?
that will be my next experiment. So far, I've just been filling the end with different amounts. Next I'll try the same amount but in a different location and see what it effects. But even just having it in the end makes such a difference that I can't imagine it getting much better .

Most recently, I filled my Head PT280 with 12g of silicon. I played it for a few months and then took it out. But I've had lots of rackets with huge variation of silicon in the handle, and so far the difference is always very positive results.

My *GUESS* is that having it in the end of the butt cap will have the most effect. My reasoning for this is that the racket has a natural vibration/resonance. The best way to find this resonance is if you hold/pinch the racket with just 2 fingers a few inches below the top of the grip and hit the tip of the head with your other hand. You may have to adjust the place you're holding, but you'll find the point soon that lets the racket vibrate freely.

The more you move your two fingers to the bottom of the grip, the less the racket vibrates. When your fingers get to the bottom of the grip, the vibration basically stops. To me this hints that the end of the grip *SHOULD* be the most effective location to place silicon; i.e. silicon should be able to make the biggest difference. BUT, as in many situations, intuition and guesses often turn out to be wrong due to overlooked/ignore/misunderstood dynamics of the situation.
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